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Mass plantation drive organized in Aryabhatta and RLA college

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New Delhi, 29 sepetember: ‘Leaders For Tommorow’ organization organised ‘ADAPT- Adopt a plant’ event in Aryabhatta College and Ram Lal Anand College, South Campus, Delhi University. 
The event began with a silent rally to make people aware of the plantation event followed by an opening speech by respected principal of Aryabhatta College, Manoj Sinha who was highly cooperative during the entire event.
In his speech he acknowledged LFT for their vigorous efforts of preserving the environment by planting trees. He made his presence felt by planting a sapling and humorously named it as Principal tree.
The teachers of Aryabhatta College planted a sapling each and praised the entire LFT team for their untiring efforts. The event was headed by the college head of Aryabhatta College Vinay Kumar Verma and college head of Ram Lal Anand College Anjali Singh Rajput. Tyagi Sir of RLA and Rahul kumar singh Former CC of RLA also planted saplings and gave motivational speech of 2 minutes.
The event was a huge success and close to a 100 volunteers planted a sapling each and gave their contribution to the environment. Leaders For Tommorow is set to organize many more of such awareness programs in the near future. Basically Leaders for Tommorow is a Nongovernmental and Not for Profit organization which focuses on building leaders for a better tommorow who can create a better environment for the coming generation. Reported by (vinay kumar verma Anjani kumar Tiwari)
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