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Modi's demonetisation an emotional drama: Congress

Congress attack PM Modi over Goa Emotional speach, says emotional drama
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New Delhi, Nov. 13: Congress on sunday turned PM Modi's speech on Demonetisation an emotional drama. On his twitter account Rahul Gandhi posted - "Modi laughs as poor cry". As PM Modi mocked Rahul by saying those involved in big scams like 2G & Coalgate are now standing in queues to exchange Rs. 4000. Rahul reacted by mocking Modi for turning emotional during his speech in Goa and added -  "first laughter now tears ! Mediocrity comes face to face with reality".

Congress leader Anand Sharma reacting to PM Modi's statement that he left behind his family & home for the Nation said,"PM should maintain the dignity of his post and he is not the first person to sacrifice for the country".Many people left their homes, were imprisoned &even awarded death.  

Punjab congress president Captain Amarinder Singh on sunday alleged that the radical decision of demonetisation will affect crores of daily wage labourers and poor people who do not have bank accounts. He said the daily wage labourers who do not have bank accounts will face a lot of inconvenience to get even the necessary things for survival.
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