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Delhi CM Kejriwal alleges massive scam in demonetisation scheme

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Delhi CM Kejriwal alleges massive scam in demonetisation scheme

New Delhi, Nov.12 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday alleged that a major scam is involved in the demonetisation of currency. He said- a few corporates were informed in advance about it. In last three months, thousands of crores of money have been deposited in bank accounts of some people and corporate houses.

He said- Modi's "surgical strike"is not on black money but on common men's savings. Rickshawala's, cobblers, labourers and farmers do not hold black money. He appealed BJP govt. to roll back the scheme, otherwise it will lead to massive financial crisis. Scrapping Rs. 500 notes and bringing Rs. 2000 notes will rather make accumulation of black money easy.

BJP president Amit Shah and Finance Minister have already defended the govt.'s decision and said country is moving towards a cash-less economy. Jaitley reassured the people that those having lawful money have nothing to fear about. He added it is a major set back to parallel economy.
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