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Demonetisation will change black money into white: Kejriwal

Demonetisation will change black money into white says Kejriwal
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New Delhi, Nov. 13: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday that demonetisation is just a method to change black money in to white. BJP govt. is saying i have  black money. They conducted income tax raids in our homes, but were unable to find anything. If they would have found anything i would have been in jail.

He said level of corruption will not decrease by demonetisation. He said nothing is going to change by adding that he can not understand how corruption will decrease by banning Rs. 1000 note and bringing new Rs. 2000 note.

Reacting to PM Modi's statement, in which he requested people to give 50 days to change old money "He said how people would survive for 50 days without food and other necessary things". He said not a single rupee of black money will come in the system and corruption will not end by this method, it will rather increase.  
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