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BJP said, Narendra Modi will become PM Again whether Mamata Banerjee lives on not

Mamata Banerjee latest news on Demonetisation. BJP leader said she has lost her mental balance
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Kolkata, 29 November: Disregarding West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's ominous declaration of removing Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Indian politics, an unfazed Bhartiya Janta Party on Monday said that she has clearly lost her mental balance post demonetisation. 

BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh said in counter attack "She has certainly lost her cool and certainly lost her mental balance which should be there as a politician, therefore she is angry and ranting these kind of language against the Prime Minister Modi. I can only say to Mamata Banerjee, whether she lives on die I have nothing to do with it, but Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of India after 2019,".

Earlier this day, Mamata Banerjee said in a statement, 'I will remove Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi from Indian politics either I will die or live.
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