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Terrorist Hafiz Saeed told Donald Trump's victory of Racism

आगे की खबर विज्ञापन के नीचे


Islamabad, Nov. 12; Donald Trump's victory in U.S. presidential election has been termed as a victory of Racism and Ignorance by Hafiz Saeed, chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawaa(JuD).Hafiz said-wisdom, knowledge, endurance and understanding have been defeated while racism and ignorance have won in america.He said-the entire world has expressed shock on trump's win.

The jihadi leader insisted that changes taking place in U.S. and west are a positive message to Islam and Muslims.He said-Americans have done injustice in the world- killed muslims and spread barbarism. Now allah wants to punish americans, their real face will be exposed to the world. Muslim countries should unite and strengthen their defence.

He appealed to muslims that we should stand on our feet for the resolution of kashmir and palestine issue. we should turn to allah instead of spreading disappointments and seeking help from allah.
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