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Muzaffarnagar The Burning Love movie release being obstructed, says Producer

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Faridabad: Hindi film Muzaffarnagar: The Burning Love is facing hurdles in its release. After being censored the film is being released on 17th November 2017 all over, the film is based on real incidents of violence in Muzaffarnagar in year 2013.

District Magistrate of Muzaffarnagar has pulled all hoardings and banners in Muzaffarnagar, according to him release of this film will create problem in law and order in city.

Question is when censor board has given permission to release this film with some cuts in scenes and dialogues and also change of titles, done any other authority has right to stop release of this film?

Producer says, District Magistrate has to control law and order in city, but for that can he stop a valid release date of a feature film made with hard money and hard efforts of producer Manoj Kumar Mandi, who was witness during riots in Muzaffarnagar in 2013.

Manoj says what people thinks is not true, and to show the real picture he has made this film.

Film is made under the banner of Morna Entertainment Private Limited, Producer Manoj Kumar Mandi, Director Harish Kumar, Musuc Manoj Nayan, Rahul Bhatt and Faraz Ahmed, Executive Producer Vijay Bhardwaj.

Actors are Dev Sharma, Aishwarya Dewan, Ekanksh Bhardwaj, Anil George, Musarlin Qureshi
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