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Kumaon Literature Festival kicks off on debate on free thought


Jim Corbett Park (Uttarakhand), Oct 11: The second edition of Kumaon Literature Festival (KLF) began here on Tuesday with a debate on the difference between our thoughts and actions and the role of freedom of expression in this.

Sharing his views on the topic against the backdrop on attempts to curb free expression and thought, especially for artistes, Carnatic vocalist-cum-author T.M. Krishna stressed that for this freedom to sustain itself in a country like India, it is imperative to remain what we are, as natural human beings.

"Our freedom of expression can't be bound by laws, rules and regulations," said Krishna who is also the recipient of Magsaysay Award 2016.

Noting that thoughts "which are our personal state are not manipulated but our performance is, as a result of the ideology that we need to serve the audience", he said that thought is a natural state for all but "also a private space". 

"Thus there is no articulation or manipulation in it. However, the act that depends on these thoughts, like painting, acting, displays a flaw in the original thought.

"It is the ego or the idea of performance taking over than the real thought that preceded it," Krishna stressed.

Supreme Court judge, Justice A.K. Sikri said that the writers can achieve and bring about a social revolution more than any others, but for this, their thoughts must flow in their actions.

Comparing the judiciary with literature, he shared his thoughts on how writers are similar to lawyers or judges.

Earlier, inaugurating the festival, KLF-founder Sumant Batra said that the platform is an institution with a huge vision and an ecosystem of multiple projects.

He thanked the literary community for supporting the festival as well as for making it a success.