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Muslim Mob torches Hindu village after FB post 'defaming' Prophet goes viral


An angry mob turned violent and set fire to a Hindu village in Bangladesh on Friday. The attack was in response to a Facebook post, the Dhaka Tribune reported. Soon after, police opened fire resulting in one person’s death.

The mob set fire to at least 30 homes before the police arrived. According to the report, the response was after a Facebook post, allegedly by one of the villagers (who now lives elsewhere), defamed Prophet Mohammad.

At one point, police fired tear gas shells and rubber bullets to control the situation.

Six people with bullet injuries were admitted to Rangpur Medical College Hospital. Amogn them, a youth named Hamidul Islam succumbed to his injuries later.

The angry mob later blocked the Rangpur-Dinajpur highway to protest against the police attack, halting the vehicular moment for about four hours in the afternoon.


London Fire in Grenfell Tower many people hospitalized

London: At least 30 people have been hospitalised after being evacuated from a 27 storey apartment building at Lancaster West Estate in London that caught fire early on Wednesday.

"We can confirm that we have taken 30 patients to five London hospitals following the incident at Lancaster West Estate, W11," London Ambulance Service NHS Trust Assistant Director of Operations, Stuart Crichton said in a statement.

"We have declared a major incident and continue to work closely with other emergency services at the scene. We have over 20 ambulance crews at the scene as well as our hazardous area response team and trauma teams from London's air ambulance who travelled to the scene by car," the statement added.

Forty fire engines and over 200 firefighters and officers have been called to douse the blazes at Grenfell Tower.

No confirmation has yet been made on any deaths in the fire.

The cause of the fire is also unknown.

Meanwhile, London mayor Sadiq Khan has urged people to follow London Fire Brigade on Twitter for updates. (Source: ANI report)

Protests expected in Balochistan as PM Nawaz Sharif is to inaugurate Gwadar Port


Islamabad, Nov. 13 : Protest expected to take place in Pakistan's largest province Balochistan on sunday as PM Nawaz Sharif is all set to inaugurate Gwadar port. The ceremony will also be attended by chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, Balochistan Governor, CM and ambassadors of at least 15 countries.

Statement from PM house said," Gwadar port is rich of new possibilities not only for Pakistan and China but also for whole world having scope of import and export activity from Central Asia to Middle East. It will be a milestone in new era of international relations.

Baloch  people and activists are continuously protesting against it, alleging that pakistan is only concerned about exploiting resources of Balochistan for advantage of china as it is considered to be a part of china's One Belt, One Road initiative. It  will cover significant parts of Balochistan, Sindh and Pok.

India has formally opposed it as it runs through disputed Pok.     

Terrorist Hafiz Saeed told Donald Trump's victory of Racism


Islamabad, Nov. 12; Donald Trump's victory in U.S. presidential election has been termed as a victory of Racism and Ignorance by Hafiz Saeed, chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawaa(JuD).Hafiz said-wisdom, knowledge, endurance and understanding have been defeated while racism and ignorance have won in america.He said-the entire world has expressed shock on trump's win.

The jihadi leader insisted that changes taking place in U.S. and west are a positive message to Islam and Muslims.He said-Americans have done injustice in the world- killed muslims and spread barbarism. Now allah wants to punish americans, their real face will be exposed to the world. Muslim countries should unite and strengthen their defence.

He appealed to muslims that we should stand on our feet for the resolution of kashmir and palestine issue. we should turn to allah instead of spreading disappointments and seeking help from allah.

India Pakistan can learn from poll experiences: Pakistan official


New Delhi, Oct 19: India and Pakistan can learn from each other's experiences in holding elections in heterogeneous societies and in ensuring greater voter participation, a senior Pakistan Election Commission official said on Wednesday.

"The purpose of our meeting here is to share our experience vis-a-vis holding of fair elections and sensitising voters for greater participation," Altaf Ahmad, Director in the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) told IANS.

Ahmad was speaking on the sidelines of a two-day international conference on voters' education organised by the Election Commission of India in association with the United Nations Development Programme here.

"This is a great learning platform. We can share our knowledge here," he said of the conference, where heads or senior officials of election bodies from 27 countries are participating.

Highlighting the efforts made by the ECP, Ahmad said that voter participation has been increasing with each election in Pakistan.

"This is thanks to the efforts put in by the ECP that voter participation is increasing. For example, the voter turnout in the 2008 general election was a little more than 40 per cent, compared with more than 50 per cent in 2013," he said.

He said this percentage may go up to 70 per cent in the next general election.

"I am hoping for this, given the Election Commission's efforts to sensitise voters on their rights," Ahmad said.

Asked if greater voter participation will strengthen democracy in Pakistan where military is perceived as more dominant, Ahmad declined comment.

"I have been given a mandate, and that mandate is voter education. The role and endeavour of the ECP is to ensure fair elections with more and more participation of voters," he said.

Ahmad said the election panel in his country is using informal channels for voters' education such as utility bills, roadside hoardings and SMSes, postal services as well as religious places such as mosques, churches and temples etc. 

"For a fair and truly participative elections, the entire system must contribute," he said.

Green house gas emission, 197 nations agree to cooperate


Kigali (Rwanda), Oct 15: In a historic step towards realising the Paris Agreement on climate change, nearly 200 nations on Saturday unanimously decided global phase out of super greenhouse gases, replacing them with climate-friendly alternatives.

The heat-trapping organic compounds -- HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) are the super greenhouse gases used in refrigeration and air-conditioning world over.

After night-long hectic negotiations here on the fourth day that ended early Saturday, the 28th meeting of the Parties to the 1989 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, froze the agreement to eventually eliminate the use of HFCs.

"Last year in Paris, we promised to keep the world safe from the worst effects of climate change. Today, we are following through on that promise," said UN Environment chief Erik Solheim.

According to the agreement, the A2 (developed) countries agreed to a baseline of 2011-2013 with cuts in HFCs beginning in 2019.

Whereas A5 (developing) countries agreed to two sub-groups with two different baselines. The A5 Group 2 that includes India, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq - with a baseline of 2024-2026 and a freeze date of 2028.

"This is about much more than the ozone layer and HFCs. It is a clear statement by all world leaders that the green transformation... is irreversible and unstoppable. It shows the best investments are those in clean, efficient technologies," Solheim said.

The remaining developing countries agreed on an early phase down with a baseline of 2020-2022 and a freeze date of 2024.

The scheduled phase down of HFCs will help avoid close to 70 billion tons of CO2 emission equivalent which translates into shutting down of 750 coal power plants or shutting down over half of coal power stations in China.

Xi arrives in Bangladesh for state visit


Dhaka, Oct 14: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived here on Friday for a state visit, the first by a Chinese head of state in 30 years to this South Asian nation.

Bangladesh is the second leg of Xi's three-nation Asian tour, which already took him to Cambodia, Xinhua news agency reported.

He will later travel to Goa for the Brics Summit scheduled to take place from October 15-16.

Stable Afghanistan in interest of India, Pakistan: US


Washington, Oct 14: The US has reiterated that peace in Afghanistan will be in the interest of both India and Pakistan, the two South Asian nuclear-armed neighbours.

"With regard to Afghanistan, it's in the interests of both India and Pakistan to see a stable, secure Afghanistan emerge from the years of fighting," US State Department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner said in the daily press briefing here on Thursday.

He was responding to a question on a group of Pakistani envoys carrying the message that Pakistan would not let have peace in Afghanistan unless US helped "solve" the Kashmir issue.

"And certainly, in the interest of regional security as well, there's a lot of contentious issues, as you note, between India and Pakistan, but the two countries we would encourage to take a more conciliatory approach to each other and to work through some of these issues for the greater good of the region," Toner said.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have escalated with the Indian Army carrying out surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) last month in Jammu and Kashmir on terror launch pads.

This came in the wake of the September 18 cross-border terror attack on an army base at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir in which 19 Indian soldiers lost their lives.

India has blamed the Pakistan-based terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed for the attack.

In September, India, the US and Afghanistan held a trilateral meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York, the first such since 2013.

Both the US and Afghanistan appreciated India's role in development work in the war-torn South Asian nation.

Russian Su-34 bombers conduct flights to stratosphere


Moscow, Oct 14: The crews of new Su-34 bombers of Russia's Eastern Military District have conducted flights to the stratosphere in supersonic mode, a spokesperson said on Friday.

"The pilots completed the exercises using the air navigation; they practiced taking off and landing the aircraft at the airport during the night time," said Alexander Gordeyev, spokesman for the military district, the biggest of Russia's four operational strategic commands.

He said the military exercises were held in the framework of the final inspection in 2016, during which they conducted tactical flights, bombing the ground targets of a conditional enemy, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Eastern Military District is one of the four Russian military operational strategic commands.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in the Khabarovsk region, the district covers the territories of the former Far East military district and part of the former Siberian military district.

India should not use BRICS summit to isolate Pakistan: Chinese expert


Beijing, Oct 14: India should not politicise the upcoming eighth BRICS summit to solve its bilateral disputes and not expect member nations to isolate and brand Pakistan as "supporter of terrorism", a Chinese expert has suggested.

"One of the key items at this year's summit will be anti-terrorism. All BRICS members do not want to solve bilateral disputes through politicised multilateral platforms." Liu Zongy, a senior fellow at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, said without naming India and Pakistan.

"As for the decades-long Kashmir issue, BRICS countries can only play a mediating role rather than support one side while isolating the other. They cannot simply label a country as "supporter of terrorism," Liu wrote in Global Times.

The article comes days after China indicated that it opposed India's effort at the UN to declare Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar - chief plotter of Mumbai and Pathankot terror attacks - as a terrorist.

Following the September 18 terrorist attack on an Indian Army base in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir, New Delhi has launched a campaign of sorts to isolate Pakistan in the global forum.

India is likely to highlight the issue of terrorism emanating from Pakistan in the two-day BRICS summit, beginning from Sunday in Goa.

Recently, India conveyed its unhappiness to Russia over latter holding a joint military drill with Pakistan.

"One of the highlights of this year's Goa summit will be the meeting between BRICS leaders and the heads of state of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)," the write-up said.

"It is worth noting that some members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) are not included in the BIMSTEC mechanism, while some ASEAN nations are formal members of BIMSTEC. The participation of ASEAN (Association for South East Asian Nations) countries shows the exclusivity of the summit, while the absence of some SAARC countries weakens the tolerance of regional major powers," it noted.

"Through the BRICS summit, India wants to advance its 'Act East' policy and promote linkage between India and some South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, which are also partners in China's 'One Belt and One Road' initiative."

"Hopefully, a close relationship between New Delhi and these countries will promote their linkage with China and pave the way for a win-win scenario," it added.

(Gaurav Sharma is the Beijing-based correspondent for IANS. He can be contacted at sharmagaurav71@gmail.com and gauravians@yahoo.com)

Michelle Obama slams Trump over his comments on women


Washington, Oct 14: US first lady Michelle Obama has urged all Americans to say "enough is enough" to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's "intolerable" treatment of women, as "this is not normal and cannot be ignored".

"This wasn't just locker room banter, this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behaviour," Obama said on Thursday at a campaign rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire, Efe news reported.

"Enough is enough, this has got to stop right now," the first lady said, adding that Trump's comments have "shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn't have predicted."

"It is not politics as usual. This is disgraceful. It is intolerable," she added.

Obama admitted at the rally that since the release on last Friday of a 2005 videotape on which Trump can be heard making lewd and sexist comments about women, she had been unable to stop thinking about the fact that a candidate for president had bragged about sexually assaulting women.

"The men in my life do not talk about women like this," she said. "This is not how decent human beings behave and this is certainly not how someone who wants to be president of the US behaves."

Trump has called his comments on the videotape "locker room talk" and has issued heated denials of claims by several women that he sexually assaulted them, as reported by The New York Times and People magazine, calling the stories politically-motivated and threatening to file a defamation suit against the Times.

US backs India on cross-LoC surgical strikes


Washington, Oct 13: In what can be seen as a clearest indication yet of US support for the cross-LoC surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army on terror camps last month, a senior Obama administration official has said that Washington empathised with New Delhi's position of responding militarily to cross-border terrorism but called for exercising caution and restraint.

"I think every country has the right to self-defence but I will also highlight that in a heavy militarised relationship like that of India and Pakistan, a relationship that has experienced at least three wars in the past, and the forces along the LoC and the international border are on a high state of alert, there really is a need for caution and prudence on both sides," Peter Lavoy, Senior Director for South Asia in the US National Security Council, said. 

"So, we do understand the very serious concern and tension by the Indian government to this attack, to this horrific attack," he said in response to a question at the launch of a report on "US-India Security Cooperation: Promise and Progress for the Next Administration" here on Wednesday.

The Indian Army carried out surgical strikes in the early hours of September 29 on terror launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistan-held Kashmir in which "significant casualties have been caused to the terrorists and those who are trying to support them".

This came after the September 18 cross-border terror attack on an army camp at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir in which 19 Indian soldiers lost their lives.

India has blamed the Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed for the attack. 

"We share with India a strong commitment to preventing future attacks like this like this from recurring and we are working together and we are working with both the parties in the region internationally to ensure that that's the case," Lavoy said. 

"We do empathise with the Indians' perception that they need to respond militarily. But then again I want to highlight our strong interest in seeing caution prevail." 

Describing the Uri attack as "horrific", Lavoy said that after US National Security Advisor Susan Rice had a conversation with her Indian counterpart Ajit Doval, the White House issued a statement condemning the Uri attack. 

"The US and India do indeed have a shared interest in countering terrorism, in protecting our societies from the scourge of terrorism and working together to diminish the ability of terrorist groups to threaten our countries or others around the world," he stated.

Earlier in his speech at the launch of the report, Lavoy said that "India matters economically like never before". 

"India is the world's fastest growing major economy and there is significant enthusiasm for our economic relationship in both countries," stated. 

"India matters geographically. India sits at the centre of the Indian Ocean through which 40 percent of the global trade flows. From energy security to counter-piracy, counter-proliferation, we have reason to focus on the Indian Ocean as it is important for our own security." 

Lavoy said that the Obama administration has created the foundation for a strong partnership with India "that I am confident will be sustained for many years to come". 

"So, that foundation is reliable, is sturdy and will stand the next administration. Secondly, each government recognises that our pursuit of our own interests increasingly requires cooperation with each other." he stated.

Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej dies at age 88


Bangkok, Oct 13: Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest-serving monarch, died on Thursday here at the age of 88, according to the Royal Household Bureau.

The king, who died at 3.52 p.m. (8.52 a.m. GMT), ruled the kingdom for seven decades and was revered by the Thai public as a semi-divine figure, Efe news reported.

He passed away in Siriraj Hospital, where he had received hemodialysis treatment on October 8 after his health worsened during the weekend.

The sovereign had been hospitalized since October 2014 and passed away peacefully, the palace said.

King Bhumibol, who has been on the throne since June 9, 1946, had been treated at the hospital for various ailments for much of the past year.

His last public appearance was on January 11 when he visited the Royal Chitralada Palace in the capital. 

Russia calls for integrating trade blocs into 'Big Eurasian Partnership'


Moscow, Oct 13: Russia has called for integrating the silk road concept, the Asean and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) into a big Eurasian partnership, subsuming most blocs in Asia and Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an email interview that work on integrating the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and the Silk Road Economic Belt should be integrated. "This process could eventually provide a basis for the Big Eurasian Partnership that would involve a wide range of states of the EEU, the SCO and Asean," Putin said in response to a joint questionnaire sent by IANS and Russian news agency Sputnik.

Putin, who was responding to questions ahead of the five-nation BRICS meeting in Goa this weekend, has been a votary of a broad-based EEU to bring together nations in Europe and Asia in a wide-arching economic union. The SCO has China, Russia, India, Pakistan and some other countries as members. Asean is a trade organisation of several countries in Asia. The Silk Road concept (lately subsumed in One-Road-One-Belt initiative) is China's initiative to link with Europe along the ancient Silk Route.

"We expect that such partnership will be open for accession by all countries concerned and will build on the principles of transparency and mutual respect," Putin said. 

He said the global economic and financial situation remained difficult, with the consequences of the global financial crisis still persisting. "It is therefore regrettable that certain countries seek to solve the problems that have built up by introducing protectionist measures and trying to engage in restricted non-transparent projects, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership." 

He said, Russia, just like all its BRICS partners, remained committed to shaping open non-discriminatory economic areas based on the World Trade Organisation principles.

The Russian president said that cooperation potential of BRICS may also be used to implement this wider Eurasian partnership initiative. "We look forward to the support from India, which is earnestly interested in this proposal," he said. He also expected the topic to be discussed at the BRICS and BIMSTEC heads of state meeting in Goa.

Russia, India share need to rebuild Afghanistan: Putin


Moscow, Oct 13: President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said India and Russia were both interested in deepening "constructive multilateral cooperation" to help rebuild war-torn Afghanistan where decisive action was needed to defeat terrorism.

In an interview with IANS and Sputnik news agencies, Putin said Afghanistan was of concern as the "situation on the territory between India and Russia remains tense".

"The developments in Afghanistan still raise concern. Decisive actions are required to help that country in dealing with such challenges and threats as terrorism, extremism, and illicit drug trafficking," Putin said.

"Russia and India share the need to support national reconciliation efforts under international law and are interested in deepening constructive multilateral cooperation for the purposes of assisting Afghanistan in solving the issues of national security, building counter-narcotics capacity, ensuring social and economic development, and enhancing interconnectivity," Putin said.

He said his country was willing to develop such formats of interaction that would "allow responding swiftly to emerging security challenges, jointly seeking for ways to address potential threats".

He said the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) had "the major role in it" as the Eurasian political, economic and security bloc was constantly expanding its geography with India and Pakistan joining the grouping this year.

"The SCO is stepping up its efforts aimed at building trust, strengthening genuinely collective efforts in the area of crisis response, and developing multifaceted cooperation."

He said Russia was actively promoting such projects to create a common economic space in Eurasia and resolve differences.

"Such ‘integration of integrations' based on the principles of transparency and taking into account the interests of all national economies will allow integrating the region into common development and will strengthen its stability."

Putin says Russia is India 'privileged strategic partner'


Moscow, Oct 13: President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said Russia remained the top supplier of advanced weapons and defence technology to its "privileged strategic partner" India and added that Moscow and other BRICS nations were determined to back New Delhi's anti-terror fight.

"Russia remains in the lead in terms of both direct supplies of most advanced weapons and military equipment and conducting joint researches with India as well as producing goods for military purposes. Our countries actively collaborate in the military technical field," Putin said in an exclusive interview to IANS and Sputnik news agencies. 

He underlined India-Russia partnership in the development of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile and building of a new fifth generation fighter aircraft as "the successful joint projects".

The President, who will be in Goa for the five-nation BRICS Summit this weekend, said many of the Russian projects in India not only have commercial importance but also play a significant social and economic role for the economies of the two countries. 

Such projects, he said, "harmoniously fit in the new Indian industrialisation programme", a reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Make in India" initiative.

"Russian companies see real prospects and high attractiveness of the Indian market," Putin said in response to questions jointly emailed by IANS and Russian Sputnik wire service. 

Describing India as "Russia's especially privileged strategic partner," Putin said the cooperation between the two countries was "making good headway in all areas on the basis of strong traditions of friendship, trust and mutual respect".

The comments come amid a notion that India had made a strategic shift in its military diplomatic ties after a rapid rise in arms trade with the US and other Western nations.

Russia has been traditionally the largest arms supplier to India. But the ties have witnessed some strain, particularly over the cost overrun of some Russian projects, including the delivery of aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov.

India has also made its concerns known over Russia's decision to supply Pakistan with the Mi-35 attack helicopters and engines for the JF-17 - a lightweight single-engine multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by China and Pakistan.

Russia recently also conducted a joint military drill with Pakistan, sparking strong opposition from India at a time New Delhi was seeking to isolate Islamabad on charges of sponsoring terrorism.

But Putin shared his views on terrorism unambiguously, saying the BRICS bloc was "determined" to cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

"For our five countries' leaders this meeting (in Goa) will be a good opportunity to harmonise our positions on key issues on the international agenda. We are determined to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and corruption," Putin said.

Putin said BRICS, made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, would "also contribute to settling conflicts and ensuring international information security".

The two-day summit in Goa begins on Saturday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to hold a bilateral meeting with Putin on the sidelines.

Modi is likely to raise the issue of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism with the Russian president.

Questions to Putin were emailed before India's September 29 surgical strikes targeting terrorist launch pads in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

BRICS nations committed to anti-terror cooperation: Putin


Moscow, Oct 13: Ahead of the BRICS summit over the weekend in Goa, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the five-nation bloc of emerging economies was "determined" to cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

"For our five countries' leaders this meeting (in Goa) will be a good opportunity to harmonise our positions on key issues on the international agenda. We are determined to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and corruption," Putin said in an exclusive interview to IANS and Sputnik news agencies.

Putin said BRICS, made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, would "also contribute to settling conflicts and ensuring international information security".

The two-day summit in Goa begins on Saturday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to hold a bilateral meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the Goa summit. Modi is likely to raise the issue of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism with the Russian president.

The BRICS summit comes amid doubts cast over the continuity of the bloc that accounts for nearly 53 per cent of world population. Russia and Brazil are battling a downturn while South African economy is also sluggish. China's growth has also slowed down but India continues to grow at over 7 per cent rate.

Putin said the bloc recognised global economic concerns but expressed a hope that the challenges would be overcome.

"All of us remain concerned over continued lack of stability in the global economy. Together with our partners we will reflect on what can be done to further unite our efforts in order to address these challenges."

Putin also expressed gratitude to India "who has, invariably throughout its chairmanship in BRICS, focused on strengthening and consolidating the strategic partnership within our association".

"I am convinced that the Summit in Goa that will be held under the slogan of continuity and innovation, will be very fruitful. We also expect that the BRICS Summit in Goa will open new opportunities for economic and humanitarian cooperation."

US warships strikes Yemen in self defence


Washington, Oct 13: In "self defence", three US warships on Thursday fired cruise missiles at a radar installations in Yemen that the Pentagon claimed was used by Yemeni insurgents to target another American warship earlier.

The three sites - in Houthi-controlled territory - targeted on Thursday by the US warship were located in remote areas, where there was little risk of civilian casualties or collateral damage, a US official said.

On Sunday, the USS Mason warship in the Red Sea was targeted by two missile attacks, CNN reported.

The missile, however, missed the warship and landed in water.

The USS Mason was fired on again on Wednesday while conducting routine operations in international waters, according to the Pentagon.

"The ship employed defensive countermeasures, and the missile did not reach USS Mason," Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said about Wednesday's incident.

"There was no damage to the ship or its crew. USS Mason will continue its operations."

The destroyer USS Nitze launched the Tomahawk cruise missiles targeting the coastal radar sites. Initial assessments indicate all three targets were destroyed, the official said.

2 Australian teens charged with planning IS attack


Sydney, Oct 13: Two 16-year-old Australian boys arrested in Sydney after each bought a knife were charged on Thursday with planning a terror attack on behalf of the Islamic State (IS), police said.

The teenagers were arrested by the state's Joint Counter-Terrorism Team at Bankstown in Sydney on Wednesday, in a lane behind a Muslim prayer hall, the ABC reported.

Police found two large bayonet-style knives and religious notes that allegedly pledged allegiance to IS from the boys.

According to officials, the pair did not appear in Parramatta Children's Court on Thursday morning and did not apply for bail.

In opposing bail, police said the pair posed an unacceptable risk to the community.

They are due to return to court in December.

Police documents tendered in court heard the teen talking to his mother on a lawfully intercepted conversation in October 2015.

During the conversation, he said "When they come, I am going to something to them that they have never seen before. I am going to do something bigger."

At a news conference, police said the boys were charged with terror-related offences.

The arrests comes one month after a 22-year-old man was charged with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder in Sydney.